As we move towards the reopening of our work places and social spaces, Nature's Nanny is ready to resume safe, reliable pet care services when you are ready. I have put together some company protocols to hopefully ease any anxieties you may be feeling. 

As we transition into full time work days, we continue to offer a scheduling system of dog walking several times a week in order to get your pups back into a more normal routine. These dog walking visits can also be implemented while you are still at home, with at the door leash hand-offs. 

We are still offering pet sitting services from  potty breaks during day trips to longer reservations. 

There has been a increasing need for clients to have us transport their pets to and from vet and groomer appointments. Our service provides door to door transports. Carriers are wiped down prior to drop off. 

Natures Nanny is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe and has initiated the following protocols:
We are providing masks, Lysol spray and wipes for each of our staff. Staff members will also carry their own leashes and bags and will use them if requested.
All staff members will be continuously monitored for Covid symptoms. As clients it is imperative to also keep me updated on your own Covid related health. 

*Masks will be on before entering
*Wipe down door handle
*Take dog(s) out for their walk- No contact with others permitted.
*Upon returning-dogs will be wiped down if requested. Leashes will be wiped down.
* During pet sitting assignments, litter changes and feeding/water will be done. 
*Upon leaving the premises, door handles will be wiped down a second time.
* Natures Nanny will utilize our online notes system. You will receive an email of our visit. We will not be using our notebooks at this time. 
* Payment arrangements will be made through our online payment portal, paypal or a check left on the counter. 
Our team has looked forward to this time for weeks, and we are SO excited to be able to welcome you and your fur babies back.
Thank you so much for your continued support. We can’t wait to see you soon!


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