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Standard Policies

Standard Visitation Times
Visitations take place between the hours of 6:00am and 9:00pm. An average visit lasts 20-30 minutes, depending on care needed. During the normal working day, all dog clients are attended to first.

Unless there is a medical reason (such as a diabetic injection), all morning cat visits take place before 10:00am. and all pm cat visits take place after 3pm.

Weather Related Conditions
Nature’s Nanny will spend a limited amount of time outside with your pet (during periods of extreme heat or cold weather). We will allow sufficient time to have your pet eliminate, and the remainder of the visit will be spent indoors with playtime. This is for the safety of the sitter as well as your pet.

Calls For Last Minute Visits
In the event you require an emergency visit, Nature’s Nanny will attempt to accommodate you. Please be aware that your pet may not be seen for the standard half-hour in order to care for my scheduled clients in a timely manner.

Note: Due to heavy weekend scheduling and in order to make time for faith and family, I am no longer accepting last minute reservations for weekend care. If you find you need a weekend visit, I ask that you contact me no later than the Wednesday prior. As always, I accept last minute calls for weekday care, however, I cannot guarantee that I will be available or be able to do a full-sit in order to accommodate my scheduled clients.

Key Policy

Clients who require a key pickup or drop off will be charged a $10.00 fee, which will be added to your bill. If you are looking to use my services several times a year, I would encourage you to have me keep a key on file. I assure the utmost security with your keys.

Your name is never placed on the key ring. Keys are stored in a locked strong box. If you have any concerns, please call me.

Payment Policy

Payment in full is due at before contracted visits. Nature’s Nanny accepts cash, checks, and credit cards through our client portal.



What You As a Client Can Do to Prepare for Services

1. Notify neighbors and friends that you have hired a pet sitter and give them the sitter’s number.

2. Do not schedule appointments for maintenance unless absolutely necessary. The sitter can not assume responsibility for the home if someone other than the sitter will have access to or will be occupying the home.

3. Make sure the key that is given to the sitter works with the lock before leaving and you have notified the alarm company, if necessary. The sitter will also need the alarm code.

4. Make sure pet food and litter are easily accessible.

5. Notify your veterinarian and make arrangements for emergency care if needed.

6.A preliminary meeting is required before services are performed.

7. Summer reservations begin to book by mid-March.

8. Nature’s Nanny requires that the premises be secured at all times. 

9. If the home will be accessed with a garage door opener or keypad, we will require a backup key, in the event of power or equipment failure.

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