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Daily Dog Walks

Curtail boredom developed behaviors born of frustration like  inappropriate chewing  and destruction of furniture.

Let us put together a  personalized dog walking program designed to fit your pet’s specific needs. Natures Nanny prides itself on being flexible and provides last minute walks when that unexpected after work meeting pops up. Daily dog walking provides you with extra time to get your errands done before your trip home!

Daily Dog Walking starts at $22.00 per a walk

           Cat Sitting

Contrary to popular belief. Cats do need human contact.

For a solitary cat raised from kitten hood, it can be quite a lonely time when you go to work each day – and even more so when you go on vacation. Behaviors triggered by loneliness can include urinating in inappropriate places, climbing curtains and ripping up furniture.  Nature’s Nanny provides playtime, daily litter scooping and the peace of mind that your cat is getting the attention she needs.

Cat visits start at $25.00 per a visit

Pet Sitting

Nature's Nanny understands that there is a degree of anxiety in leaving your home and your pets when going on a extended leave. Although Nature’s Nanny takes great care in seeing that your fur baby is happy and healthy, we offer so much more. In addition to feeding, giving water taking your pet out and lots of cuddles, we also included the following services at no extra charge:

  • Mail, packages, and newspapers are brought in

  • Garbage is taken out regularly

  • A perimeter check of the home is completed at each visit

  • Lights and shades are alternated to make the home appear to be lived in

  • Pet messes are cleaned and floors are vacuumed, or mopped if needed

  • Small pet cages and litter boxes are cleaned regularly

  • Houseplants and outside potted plants are watered

  • Medication is dispensed, including diabetic injections

Pet Sitting Services begin at $25.00 per a visit

Additional Services

Pet transport services: Nature’s Nanny can ease your working day by transporting your pet to his or her scheduled grooming or veterinarian appointment. If you use our ready key program, we can arrange to pick up and drop off your pet when you are not home.

Pet supply delivery services: Nature’s Nanny will provide delivery of pet related products right to your door! Let us do your shopping for you!

Pet waste cleanup services: Nature’s Nanny provides weekly/bi-weekly (or monthly) pet waste cleanup services. Fee is based on size    of the yard.

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